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xelha reviewXel-Ha Nature Park is a paradise for water lovers. An enormous natural cove surrounded by lush vegetation, and continuously fed by the fresh waters of an untainted river, there is no other place in Mexico like this wonder.

Xel-Ha is called the aquarium of Mexico for a reason. Upon jumping into its crystal clear waters, one will be surrounded by thousands of the most colorful fish the Caribbean Sea has to offer.

If you love to swim, snorkle, dive, explore underwater caves, interact with dolphins or manatees, or practice snuba, Xel-Ha is the place for you. This park has something for children and adults alike, as well as for the elders. In the mood for an extremely active day? Xel-Ha will leave you panting… How about if you just want to relax? Xel-Ha has lovely paths to go for a stroll while admiring Mother Nature’s diverse work. Completely covered by the shade of enormous trees, these paths are as safe for elder visitors as they are attractive for the younger generations.

Probably because of its diversity, because three generations can have the perfect day in one single location, our family is a big fan of Xel-Ha. Our son loves swinging from a rope and landing in the water of one of Xel-Ha secluded rivers, while my father simply lays down in a hammock and drinks beer enjoying the cool breeze of the Caribbean. Personally I love floating on an innertube down the river or snorkeling and using my new underwater camera.

For an all-inclusive price ranging around $100 a person, Xel-Ha is well worth its price. The food is included, and there’s tons of it in the dozen or so restaurants and cafeterias that can be found in the park. Drinks of all sorts, from sodas to beer, from cocktails to specialty drinks, they’re all included as well. Ask your bartender to make you a lemonade with chia seeds (very refreshing) or try one of Mexico’s well famed tequilas with lime and salt.

All snorkeling equipment is included as well, and the good news is that you keep the snorkle to take home with you. Towels and lockers are also free with your entrance price.

We have been to Xel-Ha on several occasions, and we leave so energized and relaxed every time, that as soon as we leave, we want to go back. Those who love the ocean and enjoy doing aquatic activities, will surely love Xel-Ha as much as we do.

For its unique natural beauty, the diversity of its marine life, and the quality and quantity of its food, we give Xel-Ha a five star rating.