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Xcaret… oh, Xcaret! The most popular of Cancun and Riviera Maya parks, Xcaret receives more than 10 million visitors every year. Hopefully most of them will like Xcaret more than we did.

This Nature Park is located in the Riviera Maya area, about 1 hour drive from Cancun. It boasts a magnificent entrance and it allows visitors to interact with nature, enjoy the local flora and learn about Mayan customs that most of us were unaware of. Xcaret is very clean, very open and very well taken care of. But despite its popularity we were not impressed with it.

First off, you pay around $100 USD to get in, and this includes ONLY 1 MEAL! Yes, they give you some coupons so you can get some potato chips or a couple of drinks, but you only get 1 real meal, which is supposed to hold you from 9AM to 9PM! The food is good but unimpressive, and the service is just OK.

In all reality Xcaret is a big park with lots of things to see, but little to do. It’d be worth visiting if the price were $40 or $50, but $100 is way too expensive for what it offers. In our opinion Xcaret deserves 2.5 Stars out of our rating of 5.