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The Tulum Mayan Ruins are one of the most visited touristic attractions in the Cancun and Riviera Maya areas of Mexico. There’s plenty of reasons for this: they’re relatively close to most hotels (20 minutes from your Riviera Maya hotel or 55 minutes from your Cancun hotel); they’re beautiful, majestic and extremely well preserved; the price is very accessible ($5 per person); the food and drinks sold in the area are moderately priced and on the premises there are plenty of Mayan-made arts and crafts that you can buy for next to nothing, and that will look great on your wall back home.

The Mayan city of  Tulum was perched on a privileged cove in the Riviera Maya’s coastline,  and those Mayan guys really knew what they were doing, because it has a breathtakingly beautiful small beach and marine turtle nesting grounds that are second to none in the whole world. The Caribbean Sea waters are even more turquoise there, and the sand is finer and whiter than anywhere else in the Riviera Maya. From time to time you can see dolphins surfing the waves just yards from the beach, and seagulls and pelicans fly over the swimmers. Another beach, much bigger and grandiose awaits the visitor just 10 minutes walk away, with a huge stretch of sand, but I guarantee you’ll always remember the small beach off the Mayan Ruins of Tulum.

One of the most important Mayan cities in the whole Pre-Hispanic  world, and quite a significant trading post, Tulum will give you a good insight into the culture that inhabited this area of Mexico, and will also make for a wonderful day of sun, sand and knowledge. Be aware, though, that the best time to visit the ruins is early in the day, or past 4PM even in winter time, since the sun can be pretty intense, and shade trees are scarce. Spend the hottest hours of the day at the beach (it is partially shaded by a massive wall of rock), touring the small town of Tulum (adjacent to the ruins) and enjoying the great seafood. Lobster, shrimp and fish are the freshest and tastiest in the region.

For its cultural baggage, magnificent pre-hispanic buildings and beautiful secluded beach, we give the Tulum Mayan Ruins a 5 star rating.