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Cancun’s Xplor Adventure Park should actually be named Riviera Maya’s Xplor Adventure Park, but since we live in Cancun and this is a Cancun blog, why not? :)

Xplor is a wonderful, wonderful park where those who love adventure and the jungle will have a great time. We went last Saturday and simply loved it!

Xplor is a brand new adventure park that is owned by the same people who brought us Xcaret and that opened its doors just a few months ago. The theme of the park is “adventure” and that’s indeed what it offers. There are 4 main activities available at this time, but don’t frown yet, those will take you the whole day to complete. Just the zip lines take between 90 and 110 minutes!

The above mentioned activities are:

  1. FLY above treetops hanging from a harness for miles.
  2. ROW a Mayan-style canoe through underwater caverns filled with stalactites and stalagmites.
  3. DRIVE an all-terrain vehicle through miles of jungle and caves, and even drive over a suspended bridge (a little scary!)
  4. SWIM in an underwater river and explore its water-filled caverns.

The admission to Xplor is $99 USD per person, and this price includes unlimited buffette-style food which is extremely good. Seriously, the food was excellent and didn’t taste like your run-of-the-mill buffette. Non-carbonated drinks are also included, such as lemonade, orange juice and the such. These weren’t that good, but were also unlimited and refreshing.

In general, Xplor is a great park and well worth the price of the admission. You get plenty of things to do, there are NO MOSQUITOS and everything is spotless. In our opinion, Xplor is Highly Recommended.