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Cancun’s Wet N’ Wild water park is located in the southernmost tip of Cancun’s Hotel Zone, right by the ocean. A smaller (much smaller) version of its United States counterparts, Cancun’s Wet N’ Wild park features only 5 slides, among them the well known Kamikaze and the less scary Twister. It also features the Lazy River that has become Wet N’ Wild’s signature, and a pretty spacious tidal pool with quite big and fun waves.

In an effort not to give our readers the wrong information, we won’t publish Wet N’ Wild’s prices here, since they change with the season of the year, but suffice to say that the admittance fee is comparable to other Wet N’s Wilds internationally, but here in Cancun, it includes all you can eat and drink.
Although we love water parks as much as the next guy, we are not big fans of Cancun’s Wet N’ Wild. First of, there are no slides for smaller children so this park is a no-no for families with kids under 6 years old. For those of you who are traveling to Cancun with your small kids, we recommend instead Sea Adventure Resort and Water Park.

Secondly, the food at Cancun’s Wet N’ Wild is simply horrendous. The menu consists exclusively of burgers, hot dogs, tortilla chips and french fries. Both times we’ve visited, there’s been huge lines to grab food with a minimum wait of 30 minutes, and every time we approached the soda fountain, we had to wait for it to be re-stocked. The alcoholic drinks, on the other hand, were always available! Drink as much beer or margaritas as you wish, but wait in line for sodas or water… hmmm…

Also unlike in the USA’s Wet N’ Wilds, there are no free inner tubes to use in the pools or the Lazy River. If you want to float on one, you must rent ($4 USD) or buy one at the convenience store ($17 USD).

Despite these shortcomings, Cancun’s Wet N’ Wild has a few good things about it. The place is spotless, the staff is friendly, there are plenty of lifeguards all over the park, and for those who enjoy swimming with dolphins, there is an on-site “Swim With Dolphins” facility. This is an optional activity, not included in the entrance price.

Because of the small amount of slides, the bad quality and availability of food and drinks, in this Review of Cancun’s Wet N’ Wild water park, we give it a 2 star rating.