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The Cancun Airport (CUN), is the most modern airport in Latin America, and its Termina 3 for international travel is as well equipped as any in a first world country. Having had its older terminal refurbished just a few years ago, and proudly receiving its world visitors at its brand new Terminal 3, this airport is the pride and joy of Mexico.

With a very modern infrastructure, accommodations for disabled travelers, state of the art shopping and plenty of space to roam around, you’ll enjoy your passage through Cancun Airport as much as anyone could ever enjoy an airport visit. Yes, we all hate having to go to the airport, but all things considered, we don’t hate this one.

Nevertheless, the Cancun Airport has its drawbacks. Free Wi-Fi internet connection is only available in some areas, namely some of its restaurants. Those waiting for international travelers to arrive, have to stand in the heat without a miserable chair to sit on. Bottles of water are in the $4 USD range, which is an outrageous price in Mexico. The most ridiculous drawback of the Cancun Airport is the price of the taxis: $50 USD to anywhere in the city or the hotel zone! Despite the airport being just 7 minutes from downtown Cancun, and about 12 minutes from the Cancun Hotel Zone, the price of the taxis remains a constant, and they’ll even treat you like undeserving garbage if you ask for a lower price.

Lucky for us, there is alternative to the taxis ripoff! The ADO buses, which stop at both Terminal 2 and Terminal 3, will take you to the center of town for about $3 USD per person. These buses run at 30 minute intervals, are prompt, clean, spacious and… cheap! Once you arrive at the ADO bus station, grab a taxi to ANYWHERE in the city of Cancun for $25 Mexican Pesos (around $2 USD), or to the Hotel Zone for $100 Mexican Pesos (around $8 USD).

Parking at  Cancun Airport is moderately priced, at $24 Mexican Pesos per hour ($2 USD). You can rest assured your vehicle will be there when you return, since without the entrance ticket, they will not deliver any car to anyone. Parking personal is courteous, and they’ll even offer to wash your car for a little over $5 USD.

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With several restaurants in the city of Cancun, the VIPs chain offers run of the mill food that is almost fast food. Still the service is good and the prices are not too steep.

These restaurants specialize in simple fresh food with good presentation and healthy side orders. Speaking of healthy, they offer a good array of low fat and low carb dishes that are both tasty and fulfilling.

The real drawback of VIPs is how unremarkable their food is; we have tried pretty much every option in their menu and although it’s all decent, it lacks intensity. I bet once you go home that evening, you won’t be able to recall what you ate or what it tasted like. For an easy lunch that won’t leave you overstuffed or your pockets underfilled, VIPs is a good choice.