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Yum! Just the thought of having good Argentinian food in Cancun is enough to keep me from writing this long due review. Sorry, folks, but every time I start thinking of writing a review of the Puerto Madero restaurant in Cancun, I end up leaving the house and going to eat there. Yes, it’s that good!

Puerto Madero is located in Cancun’s hotel zone, in a peaceful area away from the hustle and bustle of the older hotels and shopping plazas. Overlooking the Kukulkan Lagoon, this restaurant offers indoor air conditioned and outdoor terrace dining. Open for lunch and dinner, if you plan on going on a weekend evening, you better make reservations, because despite its huge dining rooms, it gets packed with both locals and tourists alike.

The Puerto Madero restaurant is not cheap, yet it is not overpriced. You get what you pay for, and although their dishes are highly priced, you get a ton of food for your money. When they offer you a 12 ounce steak, you can count on it having those 12 ounces and then some. Side dishes are generously spooned and beautifully presented (I recommend the potato souffle, which comes in an edible potato basket). The quality of the meats is quite good and they’re cooked in true Argentinian fashion, over an open fire or in a brick oven. As you enter the restaurant, look to your right, where the open kitchen is, so you can see first hand how good food is cooked.

If you’re not into meats, they also have remarkably good pastas, pizzas and salads, as well as a great variety of typical appetizers such as empanadas and Argentinian chorizo.

Deserts are also plentiful and they have a pretty good variety, so no matter what you’re on the mood for, you’ll find it there. If you like custard-style deserts, ask for the Creme Brulee, a delicious caramel-covered confection that will keep you going back for more.

The only drawback of Cancun’s Puerto Madero restaurant is that the main courses come alone, without a shred of a side dish. You must purchase these separately at about $9 a pop. Granted, an order of French fries is enough to feed two people, but who wants to pay for their side dishes?

The ambiance is perfect, the decoration makes you feel like you are in the original area of Puerto Madero in Argentina, and the service couldn’t be any better. Your waiter will ask “how high” every time you ask him to jump for you, and he’ll go the extra mile so you can enjoy the most perfect meal.

In general, the Puerto Madero restaurant is one of the best eateries in Cancun, and we assure you will love eating there, and will want to come back on your next trip to Cancun. For its ambiance, superb food and great service, we give it an enthusiastic 5 star rating (despite the fact that we hate to pay for side dishes!)

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One word can summarize the Belgian Waffle Restaurant in Malecon Americas in Cancun: YUMMY! This small, quaintly decorated, beautiful restaurant specializes in gourmet Belgian dishes, also including some classics to its abundant menu.

The moment you step into the Belgian Waffle Restaurant, you’ll be transported to a typical Belgian village, with its exuberance of flowers, rough-iron lamps and delicious food. Sit on one of their comfortable elegantly upholstered chairs and watch people walk by through their oversized glass windows. Within minutes you’ll feel yourself unwind and relax in this unique atmosphere. And just wait until your food arrives! You’ll be instantly transported to the heart of Europe and its tastiest culinary creations!

Although the Belgian Waffle Restaurant also offers chicken and steaks, these are cooked an unconventional way, sometimes rolled around a cheese stuffing, others baked to a perfect crisp. But the piece de resistance is their variety of waffles, crepes and fondues. No matter what you’d like in your crepes or on top of your waffles, this place has it! Cheese, ham, chicken, chili peppers, spinach, olives… you name it! Their variety is amazing and the flavor is overpowering.

Having mentioned the perfect atmosphere and more than perfect food, we must now talk about the service. The staff is efficient and helpful, but it will not go out of their way to please you, and in some cases, the waiters don’t even smile, which is a shame, because otherwise this place would get a perfect score from us. Therefore, thanks to its delicious and refreshingly unique food, its enormous variety of dishes and its distinctive atmosphere, and despite the run-of-the-mill service, we give the Belgian Waffle Restaurant in Malecon Americas in Cancun, a 4.5 rating.

UPDATE: We went back to the Belgian Waffle Boutique Restaurant for a second night of fondue and waffles, and this time we were served by a waiter named Julio. This guy was exquisitely polite, friendly and very helpful. Based on this last experience and how pleasant it was, we are upping our rating to 5 stars. Highly recommended!

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La Tranquita restaurant in Cancun was a terrific find, and we’re so glad we happened by it. Featuring great quality skirt steak (arrachera), pasta, salad and pizza, La Tranquita offers a tremendous variety combined with very generous quantity, all at rather reasonable prices.

Located in a trendy and very upscale new plaza off Kabah avenue, this restaurant is conveniently located and easy to get to from both Downtown Cancun and the airport; and it is just 2 miles off the entrance of the hotel zone.

When you first get to La Tranquita, you are pleasantly surprised by its quaint decoration and very warm atmosphere. The staff is very friendly, the manager speaks perfectly flawless English (a good amount of the waiters speak very good English as well), and in general you will feel very welcomed. Get a hold of the menu, and that’s when the real fun starts. There are plenty of options to choose from, but I recommend going for their combo packages. We did and loved every spoonfull of it! Our combo was just $550 pesos (about $45 dollars) and more than enough for 4 hungry adults. It included 1 kilo (2.2 lbs) of skirt steak, an oversized bowl of a fancy and delicious salad and a plate of pasta of our choice.

We are picky clients and epicurean eaters and we can say hands down that La Tranquita is a great choice for those who enjoy great food in an out of the ordinary atmosphere. Go to La Tranquita, you’ll love it, guaranteed!

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Bovinos Restaurant in Cancun – Bovinos, as its name indicates, is a meat-oriented restaurant. Styled in the rodizio-fashion (Brazilian meat restaurant), Bovinos offers its visitors great quality meats and a well stocked gourmet buffet for the price of $25 USD per person. Their drinks start around $5, and so do their deserts.

The service that the Bovinos employees give their customers is comparable to that of any 5-star restaurant in the United States. There’s nothing these guys won’t do for you!

The food is cooked by knowledgeable chefs, the buffet has pretty much everything anyone could ask for (including sushi!), and in general the experience is very enjoyable.The meat is very good (although not the best in town), and it’s seasoned to perfection.

I’d like to especially mention the beauty of this place. It was custom built in 2009, and it boasts the most comfortable and gorgeous hacienda-style decoration. Whenever you visit Bovinos, bring your camera and take photos of this breathtakingly beautiful restaurant so you brag to your friends about it, once you’re back home!

When you’re in town, and feel like having an endless amount of meats, go to Bovinos! We highly recommend this place.

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Rio Churrascaria in Cancun – This top of the line restaurant offers Brazilian-style meats and a delicious gourmet buffet, all included in the price of about $30 USD per person. The meats are some of the best you’ll find in Cancun and they are brought to your table on gigantic skewers, right off the grill.  The buffet includes soups (we highly recommend their shrimp and lobster bisque, available on weekends), salads, rices, pastas, cold cuts, cheeses and fruits.

Personally I love Rio Churrascaria and after visiting other similar restaurants in town, I can say that they are the best of their kind. The service is excellent, the food is from out of this world and extremely abundant, and the price, although a little high, guarantees that you definitely get what you’re paying for.

Deserts and drinks are not included in the price, and I’d recommend not ordering their regular coke, since it comes in tiny bottles for the price of $3 a pop. Diet coke and other sodas come in regular sized cans for the same price.

We are happy to give this restaurant an enthusiastic 5 Stars! Keep up the excellent work, Rio!

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The Italian Coffee Company is a Mexico-wide coffee shop that serves top of the line coffees and pastries in the country. With at least five branches in Cancun, there’s always a hot fresh coffee waiting for you in this coastal city. Their prices are average.

The main issue we see with these coffee shops is that they are franchises, so although the quality of their coffees and pastries remains constant, the service and cleanliness do not. For instance, the Italian Coffee Company branch located on Plaza Las Americas is extremely clean, while the one on the corner of Kabah and Quintana Roo(in the Soriana parking lot) is extremely dirty. Sadly this last one has a kids’ play area that used to be top of the line and currently is extremely dangerous for children (there are steel rods poking out of the play area at eye level, and holes in their netting).

For the quality of their coffees and pastries, we recommend Italian Coffee Company. For the quality of their service and cleanliness, we do not. We especially recommend keeping your children out of the Italian Coffee Company located on the corner of Kabah and Quintana Roo.

LATEST UPDATE: The Italian Coffee Company coffee shops are now gone from Cancun.

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Cancun’s California Pizza Kitchen restaurant just  opened in town (November of 2009) and having lived in California a few years back,  we had to visit! Despite thinking it was going to be just another pizza place, we were actually quite impressed by the fact it wasn’t.

This place specializes in pizza, pasta and salads with an exotic approach to these, and the result is simply great. The food is different, the portions are nicely sized and even the spicey dishes are not overly spicey.

Just walking into California Pizza Kitchen you’ll realize you’re in a one-of-a-kind place. The atmosphere is great, with dimmed lighting and soft music; the service is excellent and the waiters speak fluent English; and finally, the prices are right.

If you love pizza with a twist, awesome salads and good quality pasta that is everything but boring, you’ll love California Pizza Kitchen. Highly recommended!