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Rio Churrascaria in Cancun – This top of the line restaurant offers Brazilian-style meats and a delicious gourmet buffet, all included in the price of about $30 USD per person. The meats are some of the best you’ll find in Cancun and they are brought to your table on gigantic skewers, right off the grill.  The buffet includes soups (we highly recommend their shrimp and lobster bisque, available on weekends), salads, rices, pastas, cold cuts, cheeses and fruits.

Personally I love Rio Churrascaria and after visiting other similar restaurants in town, I can say that they are the best of their kind. The service is excellent, the food is from out of this world and extremely abundant, and the price, although a little high, guarantees that you definitely get what you’re paying for.

Deserts and drinks are not included in the price, and I’d recommend not ordering their regular coke, since it comes in tiny bottles for the price of $3 a pop. Diet coke and other sodas come in regular sized cans for the same price.

We are happy to give this restaurant an enthusiastic 5 Stars! Keep up the excellent work, Rio!