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Yum! Just the thought of having good Argentinian food in Cancun is enough to keep me from writing this long due review. Sorry, folks, but every time I start thinking of writing a review of the Puerto Madero restaurant in Cancun, I end up leaving the house and going to eat there. Yes, it’s that good!

Puerto Madero is located in Cancun’s hotel zone, in a peaceful area away from the hustle and bustle of the older hotels and shopping plazas. Overlooking the Kukulkan Lagoon, this restaurant offers indoor air conditioned and outdoor terrace dining. Open for lunch and dinner, if you plan on going on a weekend evening, you better make reservations, because despite its huge dining rooms, it gets packed with both locals and tourists alike.

The Puerto Madero restaurant is not cheap, yet it is not overpriced. You get what you pay for, and although their dishes are highly priced, you get a ton of food for your money. When they offer you a 12 ounce steak, you can count on it having those 12 ounces and then some. Side dishes are generously spooned and beautifully presented (I recommend the potato souffle, which comes in an edible potato basket). The quality of the meats is quite good and they’re cooked in true Argentinian fashion, over an open fire or in a brick oven. As you enter the restaurant, look to your right, where the open kitchen is, so you can see first hand how good food is cooked.

If you’re not into meats, they also have remarkably good pastas, pizzas and salads, as well as a great variety of typical appetizers such as empanadas and Argentinian chorizo.

Deserts are also plentiful and they have a pretty good variety, so no matter what you’re on the mood for, you’ll find it there. If you like custard-style deserts, ask for the Creme Brulee, a delicious caramel-covered confection that will keep you going back for more.

The only drawback of Cancun’s Puerto Madero restaurant is that the main courses come alone, without a shred of a side dish. You must purchase these separately at about $9 a pop. Granted, an order of French fries is enough to feed two people, but who wants to pay for their side dishes?

The ambiance is perfect, the decoration makes you feel like you are in the original area of Puerto Madero in Argentina, and the service couldn’t be any better. Your waiter will ask “how high” every time you ask him to jump for you, and he’ll go the extra mile so you can enjoy the most perfect meal.

In general, the Puerto Madero restaurant is one of the best eateries in Cancun, and we assure you will love eating there, and will want to come back on your next trip to Cancun. For its ambiance, superb food and great service, we give it an enthusiastic 5 star rating (despite the fact that we hate to pay for side dishes!)