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The Italian Coffee Company is a Mexico-wide coffee shop that serves top of the line coffees and pastries in the country. With at least five branches in Cancun, there’s always a hot fresh coffee waiting for you in this coastal city. Their prices are average.

The main issue we see with these coffee shops is that they are franchises, so although the quality of their coffees and pastries remains constant, the service and cleanliness do not. For instance, the Italian Coffee Company branch located on Plaza Las Americas is extremely clean, while the one on the corner of Kabah and Quintana Roo(in the Soriana parking lot) is extremely dirty. Sadly this last one has a kids’ play area that used to be top of the line and currently is extremely dangerous for children (there are steel rods poking out of the play area at eye level, and holes in their netting).

For the quality of their coffees and pastries, we recommend Italian Coffee Company. For the quality of their service and cleanliness, we do not. We especially recommend keeping your children out of the Italian Coffee Company located on the corner of Kabah and Quintana Roo.

LATEST UPDATE: The Italian Coffee Company coffee shops are now gone from Cancun.