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Cancun’s California Pizza Kitchen restaurant just¬† opened in town (November of 2009) and having lived in California a few years back,¬† we had to visit! Despite thinking it was going to be just another pizza place, we were actually quite impressed by the fact it wasn’t.

This place specializes in pizza, pasta and salads with an exotic approach to these, and the result is simply great. The food is different, the portions are nicely sized and even the spicey dishes are not overly spicey.

Just walking into California Pizza Kitchen you’ll realize you’re in a one-of-a-kind place. The atmosphere is great, with dimmed lighting and soft music; the service is excellent and the waiters speak fluent English; and finally, the prices are right.

If you love pizza with a twist, awesome salads and good quality pasta that is everything but boring, you’ll love California Pizza Kitchen. Highly recommended!