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Bovinos Restaurant in Cancun – Bovinos, as its name indicates, is a meat-oriented restaurant. Styled in the rodizio-fashion (Brazilian meat restaurant), Bovinos offers its visitors great quality meats and a well stocked gourmet buffet for the price of $25 USD per person. Their drinks start around $5, and so do their deserts.

The service that the Bovinos employees give their customers is comparable to that of any 5-star restaurant in the United States. There’s nothing these guys won’t do for you!

The food is cooked by knowledgeable chefs, the buffet has pretty much everything anyone could ask for (including sushi!), and in general the experience is very enjoyable.The meat is very good (although not the best in town), and it’s seasoned to perfection.

I’d like to especially mention the beauty of this place. It was custom built in 2009, and it boasts the most comfortable and gorgeous hacienda-style decoration. Whenever you visit Bovinos, bring your camera and take photos of this breathtakingly beautiful restaurant so you brag to your friends about it, once you’re back home!

When you’re in town, and feel like having an endless amount of meats, go to Bovinos! We highly recommend this place.