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One word can summarize the Belgian Waffle Restaurant in Malecon Americas in Cancun: YUMMY! This small, quaintly decorated, beautiful restaurant specializes in gourmet Belgian dishes, also including some classics to its abundant menu.

The moment you step into the Belgian Waffle Restaurant, you’ll be transported to a typical Belgian village, with its exuberance of flowers, rough-iron lamps and delicious food. Sit on one of their comfortable elegantly upholstered chairs and watch people walk by through their oversized glass windows. Within minutes you’ll feel yourself unwind and relax in this unique atmosphere. And just wait until your food arrives! You’ll be instantly transported to the heart of Europe and its tastiest culinary creations!

Although the Belgian Waffle Restaurant also offers chicken and steaks, these are cooked an unconventional way, sometimes rolled around a cheese stuffing, others baked to a perfect crisp. But the piece de resistance is their variety of waffles, crepes and fondues. No matter what you’d like in your crepes or on top of your waffles, this place has it! Cheese, ham, chicken, chili peppers, spinach, olives… you name it! Their variety is amazing and the flavor is overpowering.

Having mentioned the perfect atmosphere and more than perfect food, we must now talk about the service. The staff is efficient and helpful, but it will not go out of their way to please you, and in some cases, the waiters don’t even smile, which is a shame, because otherwise this place would get a perfect score from us. Therefore, thanks to its delicious and refreshingly unique food, its enormous variety of dishes and its distinctive atmosphere, and despite the run-of-the-mill service, we give the Belgian Waffle Restaurant in Malecon Americas in Cancun, a 4.5 rating.

UPDATE: We went back to the Belgian Waffle Boutique Restaurant for a second night of fondue and waffles, and this time we were served by a waiter named Julio. This guy was exquisitely polite, friendly and very helpful. Based on this last experience and how pleasant it was, we are upping our rating to 5 stars. Highly recommended!