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Part of the Royal Resorts, Cancun’s The Royal Islander, is an expansive resort that is interconnected with two of its equally impressive counterparts, the Royal Caribbean and Royal Mayan, so guests can enjoy the amenities and facilities of all three, without having to get out of the compound.

Located on Kukulcan Boulevard Km 17.5, The Royal Islander is secluded and away from the hustle and bustle, yet is close enough to the center of Cancun’s Hotel Zone, where you’ll find top of the line shopping, fine dining and even finer drinking, and of course, lots of Mexican handicrafts, typical clothing and those infamous Cancun t-shirts that your friends at home will really love you for.

With a huge system of pools catering to family members of every age, the privileged Caribbean waters right by your toes (mostly if you get a beach front room), and more restaurants that you could eat at during a week’s stay, the Royal Islander has it all. There is a dedicated lap pool, a couple of kiddie pools and a regular pool for you to lounge in. On the restaurant front, you’ll find every cuisine covered, with fish and seafood restaurants, Mexican food eateries, a great French cuisine venue and even an Asian restaurant.

Most of the rooms are spacious without being overbearing, although we found the standard rooms to be quite small. All other rooms and suites were just fine.

In general, the hotel decoration is geared towards comfort while maintaining a touch of luxury and the spaces are well thought and even better utilized. This ample hotel will make you feel at ease and give you plenty of room to enjoy yourself.

The staff is friendly, from the convenience store clerk all the way to the coffee shop lady, they’ll all go out of their ways to make you feel right at home.

In a nutshell The Royal Islander in Cancun is a very desirable resort with a soothing d├ęcor, plenty of things to do, good food, and even better beaches. The only drawbacks are the high prices of the restaurants (really overpriced for Cancun), and the fact that the regular bedrooms are quite small.