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Secrets Maroma Beach Resort is a breathtaking beach paradise located in the Riviera Maya. Just 35 minutes from Cancun and 20 from the Cancun Airport, it’s not only conveniently located, but also far away enough from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Secluded, safe and all natural, Maroma Beach was voted one of the world’s most beautiful beaches just a few years ago, and by golly, nothing has changed! It remains as unspoiled and pristine as if Colombus had never set foot on our continent.

Secrets Maroma Beach is an adults-only resort, but don’t read between lines… this is not a clothing optional place! They simply cater to couples who want to relax in their beautiful beach without having kids running around, and specialize in honeymooners.

We had the opportunity to spend 3 glorious days at Secrets Maroma Beach and enjoyed every second of them. The hotel is big and beautiful, with a Caribbean-inspired architecture. Rooms are very spacious, gorgeously decorated, with a well-thought design, and the beds… oh, the beds are so comfortable that you won’t want to get up in the morning! No matter where we looked, the hotel was extremely clean, and at all times of the day we saw staff taking care of the cleaning of both the beach and the buildings.

In addition to its splendid beach and cleanliness, there is another aspect that separates Secrets Maroma Beach Resort from the rest: its food. Yes, it is an all-inclusive hotel. No, the food will NOT disappoint! I don’t know where they got their chefs at, but kuddos to the person in charge of their selection, and to the chefs themselves, because their food was among the best we’ve had in Cancun and Riviera Maya, let alone at an all inclusive resort. Drinks are also included, and they’re plentiful and well made. They use only original liquor from the top brands (including real Cuban rum), and they’re not shy when pouring it into your mix drink. We drank plenty the first night of our stay and the following morning we had to sign of a hangover or a headache, something that is guaranteed to happen when your bartender uses substandard liquor. So go hungry and forget about your diet for the length of your stay, and drink plenty, because variety and quality go hand in hand at Maroma!

Speaking of bartenders, the staff at Maroma was extremely friendly, and they’ll go the extra mile to accommodate your requests. They anticipated our wishes, and made them come true within minutes, always with a smile.

As far as prices go, yes, Secrets Maroma Beach Resort is a little expensive, but you do get what you pay for, so why spoil your vacation staying at a median priced place that will leave you with a bittersweet taste, when you can have the vacation of a lifetime at Maroma? Also, their slightly higher price guarantees a more exclusive clientele.

For the beauty of their beach, the comfort and cleanliness of their hotel and the friendliness of their staff, we give Secrets Maroma Beach an enthusiastic 5 star; for the quality of their food and drinks, we’d love to give them a 6 star rating, but sadly 5 is our maximum. To put it in less words, grab your spouse and your appetite and go to Maroma, you’ll love it!

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