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The Riu Palace Hotel in Cancun is indeed a palace. The most amazing and magnificent hotel ever in the entire Cancun, this spectacular place will leave you breathless, and will awaken both the sense of luxury and uniqueness in you.

Perched on a small hill, with a breathtaking beachfront location, the Riu Palace is close to everything. Just a few blocks walk to the center of the action in Cancun’s famous hotel zone, you can be in Hard Rock Cafe, Chilis or even Coco Bongo in less than 10 minutes. The beach is one of the best not only in Cancun but also in Mexico and the whole world. The facilities are top of the line and second to none, and no matter what kinds of luxuries you’re accustomed to at home, the Riu Palace hotel will top them off. This is a superb hotel and you will love it, guaranteed.

With 5 restaurants on the grounds, there is plenty of variety to choose from, and there is even the option to eat a la cart or buffet style. The food has its moments, probably due to rotating chefs. During some of our stays, we enjoyed terrific food that was from out of this world, while some other times, we were presented with unimpressive rather boring dishes. During our most recent visit, we loved everything we had to eat, specially their Japanese food. Hopefully they’ll stick to their better chefs from now on.

Speaking of chefs and therefore staff, we were served hand and foot, and were pampered beyond our wildest dreams. The staff is extremely helpful and very accommodating but if you’re used to the friendly Mexican helpers that do everything with a broad smile, you’ll notice right away that this is not the case at the Riu Palace in Cancun. Yes, the employees will smile at you, and will go out of their way to help you, but they lack that down to Earth friendliness you find in other Mexican hotels. These guys are more along the lines of the French or English butlers, a little stiff and extremely professional and efficient.

In a nutshell, the Riu Palace hotel is a place fit for royalty, and you will be treated as such. Its prices are also royalty-like, but if you’re looking for an exclusive hotel where you’ll rub elbows with celebrities and wealthy businessmen, this is the place to go to in Cancun. For its magnificence and beauty, its extremely cleanliness, its beautiful beach and supreme service, we give the Riu Palace a 5 star rating.