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The Ritz Carlton hotel in Cancun is a magnificent place geared for those with a discriminating taste. Although the outside of the hotel itself is not very impressive, the inside is, with a classical architecture and decoration in the style of the best hotels in New York City. Think The Plaza but with a great beach!

As it is to expect, the Cancun Ritz Carlton gives its visitors the most flawless services, and one can say its staff anticipates your every wish and makes it a reality. Accommodations are perfect to a fault, with the rooms lavishly decorated in a grandiose style that you won’t find anywhere else in Cancun. Not only are the furnishings elegant and stylish, but the pillows are real dawn, the mattresses are as soft as clouds and the bathrooms are a unique combination of luxury, comfort and state of the art appliances.

Every tour or excursion you’d like to take in the Cancun and Riviera Maya area can be booked directly from the hotel’s concierge desk, where they’ll give you accurate information on what’s available and more importantly, what’s recommendable or not.

The hotel has several restaurants, each as luxurious as the next. Those nights when you feel like dressing up, put on your best gown or suit and dine at their Italian restaurant, while on nights when you’re in a more relaxed mood, The Cafe (which in all reality is a sumptuous Jazz piano bar and restaurant) will cater to your every wish with their international menu. In the mood for beach front dining? Head for their seaside cabanas and enjoy the most amazing dinner under the stars, while the gentle waves of the Caribbean crash near your feet.

Yes, the Ritz Carlton is the place to go in Cancun if you want to be served hand and foot and have the money to afford it.It’s obviously not an inexpensive place, but the name Ritz Carlton has never been a synonymous for cheap. Au contraire!

We highly recommend this place for its excellence, spotless services and accommodations. We are certain any of our readers will enjoy the Cancun Ritz Carlton hotel as much as we did, and will leave with the best unforgettably positive memories!