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The Mayakoba Resort in Riviera Maya (Cancun vicinity) is an impressive compound with a unique geographical feature: it boasts the only open rivers in the state. All rivers in the Yucatan peninsula are underground, and so were the ones in the Mayakoba resort, but the hotel owners opened the surface of their rivers, to give its visitors and guests a truly amazing areal view. In addition to their one of a kind waterways, the lush gardens and ecological paths are among the most beautiful in the Cancun-Riviera Maya area.

The Mayakoba is actually three hotels in one: the Banyan Tree, the Rosewood and the Fairmont, all very different from each other but all offering the same level of comfort. All of the Mayakoba hotels are rated 5 stars and they truly offer  5-star worth service and accommodations. Upon arriving you will be warmly welcomed by their friendly staff, and you can feel comfortable leaving your suitcases and valuables with their bellmen; nothing will be missing. Enter the grand entrance of your hotel of choice and you’ll feel that you’ve finally reached the tropical paradise of your dreams. With an abundance of woodwork, natural raw materials and an intricate architecture, these hotels are beautiful, unique and simply magnificent.

Even though we all expect all 5-star hotels in Cancun to have soft comfortable beds, that is not exactly true in all cases, but the Mayakoba hotels, especially the Banyan Tree, have the kind of bed that invite you to jump on them, and land face first into their supple, soft, inviting mattresses. I’m sure the hotel owners won’t appreciate me saying this, but do jump on their beds, it’s an experience worth living!

The food at all the Mayakoba hotels is quite good, but once again, I’d like to recommend you take the time to visit their Safron restaurant in the Banyan Tree hotel. This Thai food restaurant is one of the best in the region, and you’ll be hard pressed to choose among their delicious variety of exotic, perfectly prepared dishes.

Finally, I want to mention the abundance of swimming options in this resort. Being beach front, in one of the world’s best renowned beaches, you’ll love their pristine beach with its white sand and tiny tropical fish. For a different experience, go for a swim at one of their open rivers, or if you want to be more traditional, swim in one of the numerous pools that dot the Mayakoba’s landscape.

For the beauty of its uncommon buildings, the superior taste of their food and their immaculate beach and rivers, we give the Mayakoba Resort in Riviera Maya an enthusiastic 5 star rating. By the way, if you fall in love with this resort as much as we did, and you’re ready to live in paradise, consider buying one of the villas they have for sale.