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The Iberostar Cancun is a nice classy hotel that combines European quality with Mexican hospitality. The architecture is modern without being minimalist; spaces are ample and quite airy, and the rooms are
smartly built and nicely furnished. Although not extremely spacious, all of the ocean view rooms are very breezy and comfortable.

An impressive system of pools and Jacuzzis gives the guest plenty of real estate to enjoy the wonderful Cancun weather, and the beach offers its fine white sand and crystal clear waters for countless aquatic activities in addition to swimming.

There are several restaurants on the premises, among them a generous buffet (El Laguito), which is one of the best we’ve enjoyed in Cancun. We highly recommend having breakfast there as its variety and quality are second to none.

Iberostar is a brand new name in Cancun, as this hotel used to be the Cancun Hilton and was acquired by the Iberostar brand during 2011. Upon its acquisition, the hotel was refurbished, even though it didn’t really need it, since as the Hilton it was a magnificent and quite new hotel.

The staff is helpful but we did notice that are times they seemed quite overwhelmed. Despite this, they smiled continuously and tried to accommodate our requests.The prices are reasonable, you get plenty of food at the restaurants and the drinks were quite loaded. The common areas are impeccably clean, much more so than most other resorts in Cancun.

For its comfort, good prices, quality of food and beauty of its beach and pools, we give the Cancun Iberostar a 4.5 star rating.