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The Hotel El Rey Del Caribe is a relaxing little gem of a hotel snuggled quietly in Cancun’s city centre, far away from the hustle and bustle of the hotel district.

For those looking for an authentic Mexican experience away from the bright lights of the tourist areas, you can’t get better than this. Only 2 blocks separate the hotel from the Commercial Mexicana market where you can get pretty much anything you need, including ATM service for cash.

Well furnished rooms with a nice kitchenette including a hot plate and refrigerator was a pleasant surprise. The bathrooms were spotless and had plenty or hot water for showers which in some other areas is hit and miss. There is good Internet service for those who need to stay connected.

There is a small pool with hammocks for relaxing, and delicious free breakfast is offered in the delightful palapa (tiki bar) with service second to none.

Don’t let the incredibly cheap cost of staying at the Hotel el Rey Del Caribe fool you into thinking you won’t get top notch service and an experience worth raving about. You won’t be disappointed.

This one was 4 out of 5 stars for economy hotels.