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We have mixed feelings about the Barcelo Costa Cancun. We love the way the hotel looks, its beach, how peaceful it is, and the comfort of its rooms. Yet we hate how poorly the staff will treat hotel guests, and how unfriendly and unhelpful they can be.

We have stayed at the Barcelo Costa Cancun twice so far, and both times we have enjoyed ourselves greatly. The kids love the pool (always crystal clear), the open expansive beach (also crystal clear), and the plentiful food and desserts.  We love the big infinity pool with a couple of areas for small children right on it, which is a must for family travelers. We also love how at the pool bar the drinks are made to perfection, and you don’t have to ask for them twice. Waiters will run to get your order filled.

The rooms are beautiful, elegantly furnished, with comfortable beds, nice airy balconies overlooking the ocean and spacious bathrooms. The hotel in general is modern, but lacks that minimalist design style that we dislike so much; it is clean, with big soft recliners all over the lobby so you can be comfy while waiting for your room, or simply staying out of the sun. The food is good (without being great), there are tons of choices in their restaurants, and the drinks are loaded with the good stuff!

The negative part of the Barcelo Costa Cancun is its staff. Yes, we were right when we said the waiters at the pool area are helpful and will rush to your service. But that’s where it stops. The front desk clerks are rude and will go out of their way NOT to help you. The sales people at the tour desk will try to scratch every penny out of you, and will sell you tours that are useless, and the room maids will give you the evil eye when you request an extra towel.

With so many hotels in the Cancun and Riviera Maya area, we have decided not to return to the Barcelo Costa Cancun Hotel. Even though their facilities are quite good, we know we will be better tended to anywhere else, and that is a big deciding point for us